Marie Curie

Today is the 144 aniversay of the Marie Curie’s birthday and that’s important because she was polish. She was borned in Warsaw on 1867 and she lived in Poland until 1891 when she moved to Paris. There she met her husband, Pierre Curie (from who she took her surname). She went to Paris for still studing and after few years she was nationalized there.

She was a really brilliant chemical and physical  and she and her husband  were awared with the Nobel Prize in physic on 1903. And some years after that, on 1911 she was awared again wit the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. That happened after the death of her husband on 1906.

She had two daugthers, the first one, Irène Joliot-Curie, was also awared wit the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on 1935, also with her husband, Frédéric Joliot, who was the personal assistant of her mother.


Polish leyend

There is a Leyend about How Poland appear in the world and is this: There were three brothers,  Lech, Czech y Rus, they were walking arround the lands beetwen Vistula and Order rivers. Then one of them, Lech, saw an oak tree with an Eagle nest on its top and decided to put his residence there. And also he took the white eagle on his shield.

And after that, Czech went to the south and formed his country there, it was Czech Republic and on the other side, Rus went to the east where he created Russia.

A Little bit of Polish History…

one interesting date: his brother and Lenin tried to attack against Alejandro II Zar of Russia

11th of November is the independence day of Poland, because the 11th of november of 1918 the Chairman Von Beseler transfered the power to the polish general  Józef Piłsudski, due to the Compiègne armistice signed between Germany and The Allies in the finales steps to the First World War . In this way, Poland appeared as a Independence Country in 1918 for 12 decades.