Here I am, driving on the left side of a small Clio Sport through a mountain road with a two ways single track, trying to pull over in a very rough passing place close to a cliff in order to let the local bus pass on its way to Dunoon, just where I come from.

secret coast, argyll, scotland, portavadie
The forest on the road, The Secret Coast, West coast of Scotland. / Basolanilla.

I find myself in the Argyll Bute region, also known as The Secret Coast, in the west coast of Scotland. Once I resume the drive, on my right side there are few scattered houses, farms or holiday houses, even a Peacock garden, full of colour. On my left side the views become spectacular. It is a sunny day and landscapes are greener and brighter than usual. The air is fresh and wet, it is always wet in this area, all surrounded by lakes nourished with rain water almost every day.

the secret coast-argyll-portavadie
View at the entrance of the Natural Park close to Portavadie Marina, Argyll & Bute, The Secret Coast, Scotland. / Basolanilla.

A huge crystal blue lake girded by forest and hillsides speckled by small villages. The sky reflected on the water, seagulls circling with the air currents. It is as if the world had stopped a long time ago, leaving the globalization aside. It is 22:00 p.m. when I get to my friend’s house at Loch Fyne. The sun is already set and the whole lake seems to have gone to sleep. So do I.

portavadie, the secret coast, atgyll, bute, scotland
Sunset in The Secret Coast, Argyll & Bute, the West Coast of Scotland. / Basolanilla.

The morning light wakes me up the next day, it is time to discover the secrets of that coast. I give a look to the alarm clock next to the bed, it’s 06:30 a.m. It is definitely too early, so I sneak my way into the kitchen on my tiptoes and start making a coffee. I can see the lake through the window, outside the garden after a short slope there is an old stone pavement that leads to a small beach. I take the coffee and go outside to let the fresh air in.

deer, secret coast, portavadie marina, world nomad
A baby deer playind around the house, Portavadie, Scotland. / Basolanilla.

I look around enjoying the views and trying to imagine how it would be to wake up every day with these surroundings and then, I see them. Two baby deer grazing a few metres away. I watch them carefully, trying to find out if their mother is around. I turn aside slowly but they still hear me. They stare at me for a second before one of them slinks through the bushes. The smallest stays for a moment, still staring at me, and finally disappears.

Standing there I realise I had to travel a long way from Spain to The Secret Coast to understand how small my world is compared with the reality out there. How the lakes were before we dried them, how the villages and the way of life were, in direct contact with nature, before we started raising high buildings in small urbanized areas… Suddenly I understand what has just happened, the forest has whispered its secret to me.

the lake and the forest-secret-coast-argyll-portavadie-scotland
View of a Lake on the way to Portavadie Marina, West Coast, Scotland. / Basolanilla.


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